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Commercial Nyupia, sales start

Voice of those who are secretly using a commercial detergent Nyupia

House cleaning Kumamoto My name is forest of Royal Life Service to engage in house-cleaning business in Kumamoto.
Today also have a Nyupia is being moved to the site (laughs imperceptibly, parted not one and become gone detergent Nyupia of detergent in particular, has come in handy in the oil stains. From the ventilator, kitchen panel, shelf, switch plate, such as a kitchen It is a big success around. especially fond you are using is the part and kitchen top Tanasoko part painting of ventilation fan has deteriorated. us remove the without oil stains to be badly the deterioration of the coating. in addition, Tanasoko many things in the plywood you have the paint, especially near the ventilation fan is flying oil. So well sorry sight to see, is a discoloration of partial paint due to oxidation of the oil. Nyupia if discoloration without having to, it finishes clean.

House cleaning OsakaIn our shop, we have a house cleaning in mind the natural cleaning using eco detergent. Eco-detergent image, it did things that do not Otose is absolutely oil stains, it was different this oil for the peer. Also in comparison with the detergent for oil that many house cleaning trader's world is using have in no way inferior detergency. And it will not mean you do not use if a safe detergent. Or coated with a detergent with a brush, or soaking, use or use put in sprayer is different depending on the application. When the oil dirt is tight is the dirt is likely to fall when dissolved in hot water. And to say what, you can use with confidence because friendly to the human body and materials. In my shop, or mixed at the time to clean the air conditioning in the vicinity of the kitchen, or wash those tar dirt is terrible, it is universal to big success in addition to oil stains in the kitchen. Now it became a completely parted with no detergent.

House cleaning KokubunjiDo you really want to general sales?
It is a little disappointing to have been kept secret until now. Kedomo stronger detergent is, you do not want to use as much as possible is the real intention. The shop has a wide range of work from the fees of the entry and exit of public corporations, etc. up to the general home, but house cleaning of the general household uses the Nyupia especially because there is a need to use care. Until now, we did not only use more of some, but I thought that attained the differentiation from other stores, think about the entire industry and Nyupia be hit the reverse'd say a good thing.

Commercial detergent Nyupia application of the active service of the house cleaning shop to rave reviews

Commercial detergent Nyupia is 1kg, it will be sold at 3800 yen including tax.

Your application will be moved to our detergent peer of the page. Entered the contents of the customer will be securely transmitted with SSL communication. Please ask your question from the following about this detergent. Detergent of the manual is not incidental. Dilution factor, etc., should be adjusted according to the dirt. Generally, please adjust from tablespoon heaping 1 cup about to lukewarm water 1 liter. This dirt is not what was decided that this amount. Please note that commercial detergent Nyupia is the detergent of house cleaning and cleaning for skill in the art. Because they are not ordinary homes, other than those of skill in the art can not be purchased. Car free assessment